This is my “Wedding Poem” to Warner, given to him on April 18, 1987, our wedding day.

warner and sandy wedding2You are my husband.  I am your wife.

We are wed.

We begin our commitment on the eve of Christ’s rebirth –

What better time for a beginning.

We choose to formally commit our love because we believe in marriage.

We believe in us.

Together, we are better than we would be apart.

We are stronger, we are wiser, more content and less alone.

There is an added quality to our lives because we are together.

Through our differences we expand our individual personalities.

You are older.  I am younger.

We do not have the gift of time that other lovers know.

We cannot squander even a moment.

There is too much beauty to explore.

In the center of our lives we must hold each other tight.

We must reach for every star that ever shown.

And I know that we can through the richness and the fullness of our love.

                                                         You are my first love.

                                                               I am your last.

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